Description of the Batavia Public Library District, pursuant to Section 4(a) of the Freedom of Information Act [5 ILSC 140]





The Library’s origins date to October 1866 as the Batavia Library Association, a membership library. Batavia Public Library was established as a tax-supported library by the voters of Batavia Township in April 1881—the first Board of Library Trustees was elected in April 1882—and converted to a district library in June 1975. For a more complete history of the Batavia Public Library and library service in Batavia, please visit > Local History > History of the Batavia Public Library.




The Batavia Public Library District is an autonomous special district / municipal corporation that operates under the Public Library District Act of 1991 [75 ILCS 16]. The Library is governed by a Board of Library Trustees composed of seven residents of the Library District. The Trustees are elected at large at the Consolidated Election in odd-numbered years for staggered terms of four years. The Board of Library Trustees establishes policy for the Library and appoints the Library Director, who serves as the Library’s chief executive officer, manages the day-to-day operations of the Library, and is responsible for hiring all other employees.  



Statement of Mission


The mission of the Batavia Public Library is to provide and ensure access to materials and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizations, as well as to create a welcoming place to gather, exchange ideas, and participate in cultural events.


Functional Diagram




Total Amount of Operating Budget for 2018–2019




Working Budget for 2018-2019 (Tax Year 2017)

Working Budget for 2017–2018 (Tax Year 2016)

Working Budget for 2016–2017 (Tax Year 2015)

Working Budget for 2015–2016 (Tax Year 2014)

Working Budget for 2014–2015 (Tax Year 2013)

Working Budget for 2013–2014 (Tax Year 2012)

Working Budget for 2012–2013 (Tax Year 2011)

Working Budget for 2011–2012 as Revised / Amended (Tax Year 2010)

Working Budget for 2010–2011 (Tax Year 2009)

Working Budget for 2009–2010 (Tax Year 2008)

Working Budget for 2008–2009 (Tax Year 2007)


Annual Financial Report

(Independent Auditor's Report and Financial Statements)


Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2017




Batavia Public Library

10 S. Batavia Ave.

Batavia, IL 60510-2793


Approximate Number of Full - and Part-Time Employees (July 2017)


68 employees (38.3125 FTE)


Public Body


Board of Library Trustees of the Batavia Public Library District


Names and Contact Information


Identification and membership of any board, commission, committee, or council which operates in an advisory capacity relative to the operation of the public body, or which exercises control over its policies or procedures, or to which the public body is required to report and be answerable for its operations: None