Freedom of Information Act Officers / Open Meetings Act Officers


Public Act 95–542 amended Open Meetings Act [5 ILCS 120] and the Freedom of Information Act [5 ILCS 140], effective 1 January 2010.


The new versions of the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act require the “public body” to “designate employees, officers, or members to receive training on compliance with” the Open Meetings Act [5 ILCS 120 / 1.05] and “designate one or more officials or employees to act as its Freedom of Information officer or officers” [5 ILCS 140 / 3.5].


The “public body” refers in this instance to the Board of Library Trustees. On 20 October 2009, the Board of Library Trustees designated the Library Director as the Library’s Chief Open Meetings Act (OMA) Officer and Chief Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer and authorized the Library Director to designate additional employees as needed to serve as such Officers.


FOIA / OMA Officers


George H. Scheetz



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