The Batavia Public Library District includes most addresses within the city limits of Batavia; however not all Batavia addresses are within the Library District. 


There are three different ways to determine whether you live within the Library District:


    Review your most recent real estate tax bill; it lists which library (if any) that your taxes support.*

    Look on the back of your Voter’s Registration card; it lists the library (if any) that serves your address.

    Call the Circulation Services department, (630) 879-1393. 


*You can also find the taxing districts in which you reside at the following link: 


1.     Go to Property and Tax Information.

2.     Type in Street Name (no number; no avenue, street, etc.).

3.     Select street number from list; click on parcel number.

4.     On the right side of the page, click on “Print Current Tax Bill.”

5.     Look at the list under “Taxing District” for the library name; Batavia appears as “BATAVIA LIBRARY.” 


PLEASE NOTE: It is possible for you to have Batavia Public Library bonds on your tax bill (“BATAVIA LIB 98 BOND DIST” and “BATAVIA LIB 99 BOND DIST”), even if you do not reside in the Batavia Public Library District. In this situation, you are not entitled to a Batavia Public Library card, but are eligible for a library card at your home library (as listed on the tax bill).