"Now that I’m retired, I really appreciate all the programs and services that offer intellectual stimulation–the book discussions, audiobooks, DVDs, and dedicated reference librarians–all available at little or no cost to me. It’s gratifying to see the Library being so well used by so many people. I can’t say enough about it–it’s just a wonderful place!”

Lori Hassler, Batavia

“Learning is essential to a vibrant economic community. The Batavia Library provides invaluable resources for businesses to help them understand their markets and customers. The Batavia Chamber is fortunate to jointly sponsor programs with the Library, and we frequently use the facilities for programs and seminars. We look forward to working with the Foundation. By investing together in a healthy community we can create even more opportunities for business leaders today... and tomorrow.”

Roger Breisch, former Executive Director
Batavia Chamber of Commerce

There is so much to learn at the Library, we’re there three times a week. It is a warm and welcoming place where my children stretch their imaginations, share ideas, and learn to be resourceful and independent. The kids are always taking advantage of programs like ABC Storytime, Book Beat Discussions and Babysitter Training. The Batavia Public Library gives us the freedom and opportunity to learn without limits!”

Emily Farrell, Batavia