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Interlibrary Loan Request


If you are interested in borrowing an item not owned by the Batavia Public Library, we will do our best to locate a copy that can be loaned to you.  This service is only available to Batavia Public Library cardholders.


If the item is not owned by a SWAN library
Interlibrary loan requests sent to libraries outside SWAN have the following limits:

·  4 items per day per patron, not to exceed 12 items per week (includes books, audio-visual items, etc.)

·  a limit of 4 videos or tapes in a series per request (e.g., I Claudius)

·  4 photocopies per day per patron, not to exceed 12 photocopies per week

Restrictions on Certain Types of Materials

No out-of-state searches will be conducted for any audio-visual material, including:

·  feature films in any format (DVD or VHS)

·  music (CD or cassette)

·  audio books (CD or cassette)

·  CD-ROMs

·  software, including interactive multimedia and games


Photocopied articles may include a cost. Each request must indicate whether you are willing to pay $0, $10, or the full cost (which may be indicated upon receipt of the photocopy).


Place an Interlibrary Loan Request Online 


Interlibrary Loan Request (Book/Music/Movie)


Interlibrary Loan Request (Periodical Article)



Interlibrary Loan for Book Clubs 


Batavia Public Library offers a special interlibrary loan service for local book clubs. The Library will request multiple copies of books from other libraries in order to provide Batavia book clubs with the number of copies they need.




Multiple copies of books are available to book clubs if:

·  the books are at least 6 months old,

·  the books are not current bestsellers, or

·  the books are not on hold at other libraries

Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Library is unable to fill a request. If this occurs, the Library staff will work with the book club to try to find an alternate title.  


Only book club members with a Batavia Public Library card may check out books through this program, due to interlibrary loan rules.


How to Request Books


1.  Designate a contact person (with a Batavia Public Library card) for your book club, who will contact the Library with the titles and dates of your book discussions. 


2.  Stop by the Reference Desk, call the Library at (630) 879-4777, fax a Book Club Request Form to (630) 879-9118, or complete the online Book Club Request Form at least 5 weeks before your book club meeting. For best results, place your order as far in advance as possible. If you would like to place your requests well in advance, please complete a request form at the Reference Desk or online.


You may also download a PDF here, then print it and return it to the Library.


3.  Provide the following information:


· the title and author of the book,

· the number of copies needed,

· the date of the book club meeting,

· the name of the book club, and

· the name and phone number of a contact person.


4.  With sufficient advance notice, the Library will order the books so that they will be available approximately 4 weeks prior to the book club meeting. A Library staff member will call the book club’s contact person when the books are available to pick up at the Library. Books will be held at the Check Out Desk under the name of the book club. Usually, book club members may keep the books for 4 weeks. Book club members are responsible for returning the books on time or paying the overdue fines / lost item fees.



Please contact a reference librarian by phone at (630) 879-4777 or via email at