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Resident Card
Adults living within the boundaries of the Batavia Public Library District may register for a Library card for themselves and their children under the age of 18 at the Check Out Desk. The Library Card is issued for a three year period and is free of charge to in-district residents.

Please note: Not all Batavia addresses are within the Batavia Public Library District. There are three ways to determine within which library district you reside:
• Your real estate tax bill lists which library your taxes support.
• The back of your Voter’s Registration card lists your Library 
• Inquire by calling the Batavia Public Library Circulation Services department, (630) 879-1393.

To obtain a Batavia Public Library Card, bring proof of identity and proof of residency to the Library.
• Photo ID: driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or U.S. passport
• Proof of Residency: current utility bill, real estate tax bill, rental agreement or lease, current credit card bill, or other legal document showing your name and current address   

Children under the age of 18 must have their Library Registration Card signed in the Library by their parent or legal guardian. By signing, the parent or legal guardian agrees to accept responsibility for all materials checked out by the minor and recognizes that there are no age restrictions on the borrowing of any Library materials, including all audiovisual and print materials.  

Non-Resident Tax Payer Card
Individuals who own property within the Batavia Public Library District but do not reside in the Batavia Public Library District may register for a Non-Resident Tax Payer Card. One card per parcel of land is issued for one year. These individuals must bring in their current real estate tax bill and photo ID.

Non-Resident Fee Card
Individuals residing outside the boundaries of the Batavia Public Library District and not within the boundaries of any public library district may ask at the Check Out Desk about purchasing a Batavia Public Library card. These cards are issued for one year. 

For your protection, please report a lost or stolen card to the Library immediately.  

How to Renew or Replace a Library Card  

To Renew
The Library renews patrons' library cards automatically for three years if you currently reside at the address listed in your account. A postcard is sent to you announcing the renewal. If you have moved from one address to another address within the Batavia Public Library District, you need to renew your card in person at the Check Out Desk. Please bring acceptable proof of identification and proof of residency.
Teenage patrons who turn 18 within the three-year renewal time period will see their library cards renewed until their 18th birthday. At that time, the cardholder needs to visit the Library and register as an adult. 
To Replace
There is a $2.00 fee to replace a lost, damaged, or stolen library card. If the card has expired, there is no charge. Please bring proof of identifcation and proof of residency to the Check Out Desk to obtain a replacement card.

Borrowing Eligibility  
Individuals with current Library cards issued by the Batavia Public Library District and who are in good standing (no bills or fines totaling over $5.00) may borrow materials from the Library. The Library complies with the Library Bill of Rights, that states that the rights of an individual to borrow should not be denied or abridged because of age, race, religion, national origin, or social or political views.  

Policy on Library Cards

Policy on Service to Non-Residents