Batavia Public Library subscribes to these newspapers: 


Aurora Beacon News (retained for 2 months)


Batavia Republican (retained for 2 months)


Chicago Sun-Times (retained for 2 months)


Chicago Tribune (retained for 2 months)

The Chicago Tribune database offers full-text articles from 1985 to the present.


The Chicago Tribune (Historical) - Page images of the Chicago Tribune from 1849 to 1986, as well as a timeline, popular topics, and “This Day in History” features. Full text. Available due to a grant from the Friends of the Batavia Public Library


Daily Herald (retained for 2 months)

The Daily Herald database offers full-text articles from 1995 to the present.


Investor’s Business Daily (retained for 2 months)


Kane County Chronicle (retained until microfilm arrives)


New York Times (retained for 12 months)


News for You


Suburban Chronicle (retained for 2 months) 


USA Today (retained for 2 months)


Voice (retained for 2 months)


Wall Street Journal (retained for 2 months)



Batavia Public Library carries these newspapers on microfilm: 


Aurora Beacon (1848-Sept. 1917) 


Batavia Chronicle (1976-1990; previously named Batavia Herald; re-named Kane County Chronicle in 1990)


Batavia Herald (1893-1976; re-named Batavia Chronicle in 1976)


Kane County Chronicle (1990-present; paper copy of Kane County Chronicle is retained until microfilm arrives; previously named Batavia Chronicle)