Batavia Public Library

Schedule of Regular Meetings 2022-2023

The Board of Library Trustees is scheduled to meet at the Batavia Public Library on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m., on the following dates.

• Tuesday, 19 July 2022• Tuesday, 15 November 2022• Tuesday, 21 March 2023
• Tuesday, 16 August 2022• Tuesday, 20 December 2022• Tuesday, 18 April 2023
• Tuesday, 20 September 2022• Tuesday, 17 January 2023• Tuesday, 16 May 2023
• Tuesday, 18 October 2022• Tuesday, 21 February 2023• Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are open to the public and subject to the provisions of the Open Meet­ings Act [5 ILCS 120] and the “Policy on Public Participation at Meetings and Other Communications.” Copies of the latter policy are available at the Business Office of the Batavia Public Library.

Adopted 21 June 2022 (Ordinance 2022–003)

Board of Library Trustees

Standing Committee on Finance


Standing Committee on Outreach


Standing Committee on Policy


Special Committees



Statement of Mission

The mission of the Batavia Public Library is to provide and ensure access to materials and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizations, as well as to create a welcoming place to gather, exchange ideas, and participate in cultural events.

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