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Read a Book in Translation

Suggested books for the August 25 book discussion

If you want to pick your own titles, the easiest way to search our catalog is by looking up the search term “translat*” and narrow your search on the left side, limit to “adult” and “fiction” and subject, like historical fiction. The “*” will search for both  the words “translated” and “translation” in the book record. Sometimes the record contains “translated by” (the translator) and sometimes “translation from” (the language). If you are not sure whether a title is translated or not, send us an email, and we will find out for you.

Click on a title in the lists below and the link will take you to the record in our catalog.

Here are several authors who write historical fiction: Isabel Allende,  Andrea Camilleri, Daša Drndić,  Umberto EcoMo YanArturo Pérez-Reverte, and Elena Ferante.

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense titles are very plentiful in translation (not limited by pages):

Books by Oliver PötzschJussi Adler-OlsenArnaldur Indriðason, and Pierre Lemaître are usually good bets for this genre.

General Fiction titles (not limited by pages):

Books by Auður A. ÓlafsdóttirFredrik BackmanHaruki MurakamiPaulo CoelhoJose SaramagoOrhan Pamuk might fall in the general fiction category.

Nonfiction – the below titles are biographies/memoirs (not limited by pages):

Any books by Peter Wohlleben would qualify as non-fiction translations. Umberto Eco also has several nonfiction books.

Happy Reading!

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