Batavia Public Library

Curbside Printing

Batavia Public Library will print up to 20 black-and-white pages (or 10 color pages) per patron per week for curbside pickup. For curbside printing only: due to the difficulty of handling payments at curbside, the usual printing cost is waived, effective November 1, 2021. In-library printouts cost 10c per page for black-and-white printing and 20c per page for color printing.

How Curbside Printing Works

Request a printout

  • Upload a printout to Print from Anywhere or call the Library to request information to be printed (from a website, etc.)
  • Then call (630) 879-1393 ext. 200, and provide your:
    • name
    • Batavia Public Library card number
    • and phone number
  • Library staff will respond during Library hours.
  • Staff will give you a timeframe for when your print job will be completed.

Curbside Pickup of your print job

When you arrive at the Library:
• Park your car (if driving)
• Call the Circulation department at (630) 879-1393 ext. 100
• Provide your Library card number
Circulation will put the bagged items on the curbside pickup cart (located outside front doors under the portico) for you to collect.(630) 879-1393 ext. 200(630) 879-1393 ext. 200