Batavia Public Library

Fees & Loan Periods

*Maximum checkouts for Library of Things – Patrons may only check out two pieces of Equipment at a time. This means a patron may have the slide projector and projection screen checked out, but may not also have the bocce ball set.

Manage Your Account

Renew Materials

Batavia Public Library automatically renews eligible items.
Your items will be renewed automatically unless:
  • Another patron has the item on hold
  • The item has already been renewed twice
  • Your fines total $5.00 or more
  • The item belongs to a library outside of the SWAN consortium (Interlibrary Loans)
Two days before your items are due, the library’s computer system will try to renew your items.
  • Items that can be renewed will be extended for an additional loan period from the due date.
  • Items that can not be renewed will be due on the original due date.
  • If you have a valid email address in your account, you will receive an email telling you which items were not renewed, which items were renewed, and the due dates for the items.

Suspend your holds

If you have requested an item, but you want to delay its pick-up date, you can suspend/freeze the hold on that item, keeping your place in line. For example, if you are going on vacation and don’t want to miss getting your requested items, you can suspend/freeze the hold before you leave and set a date for the hold to resume/unfreeze after your return. Complete information.