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Recognition as a Library Leader

Recognition as a Library Leader: In 2003, the Library created an award to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Batavia Public Library District as “Library Leaders.” The quiet reading room in the apse was named the Library Leaders Reading Room and a display case was installed at the entrance to the room to house the Book of Library Leaders.

Selection Process and Award: According to Board policy, “The recipient will be selected by the Library Leader Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees.” Further, “The recipient will be honored by resolution of the Board of Trustees.”

Library Leader nomination form

Committee: By consensus of the Board of Library Trustees at its regular meeting on Tuesday, 20 March 2012, the responsibility for the “Recognition as a Library Leader” project was assigned to the Standing Committee on Outreach.

Past Recipients

To date, six individuals and one couple were recognized as a Library Leader; the award was not presented in ten (10) of the past 17 years, as follows:

2003: Lorraine M. Ramus — member, officer, Board of Library Trustees (1978–2001); involved in three major building projects (1981; 1983; 2002)

2004: no award

2005: no award

2006: William J. Wood (awarded posthumously) — community liaison (as City Historian); member, Board of Library Trustees (November 1983–1991; January 1996–1997)

2007: no award
2008: no award
2009: no award

2010: no award

2011: Donna L. Todd — member, officer, Friends of the Batavia Public Library; innovator and longtime coordinator, Book Sale
2012: Marilyn G. Robinson (awarded posthumously) — community liaison (as City Historian); leader, Batavia Writers Workshop at Batavia Public Library

2013: Barbara A. Palmer and Roger G. Palmer — members, officer (Barbara), Friends of the Batavia Public Library; longtime organizers and innovators, Book Sale; spearheaded effort to create FriendSpace; Library volunteer (Barbara)

2014: no award

2015: Susan S. Russo — member, officer, Board of Library Trustees (September 1996–2003); involved in two successful referendum campaigns (1998; 2002); president during construction project; founding president, Batavia Public Library Foundation
Resolution Recognizing and Honoring Susan S. Russo as a Library Leader

2016: no award
2017: no award

2018: no award

2019: Daniel R. Russo — member, officer, Board of Directors, Friends of the Batavia Public Library; One Book, One Batavia planning committee (2003–2017); co-chair, Speak Up! Community Engagement Initiative; involved in three successful referendum campaigns (1998; 2002; 2018), the latter as chair, Citizens for Batavia Public Library

Statement of Mission

The mission of the Batavia Public Library is to provide and ensure access to materials and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizations, as well as to create a welcoming place to gather, exchange ideas, and participate in cultural events.

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