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Enjoy the fun of reading and earn rewards!

Read Beyond the Beaten Path

May 27–Aug. 8
All ages

Track your summer reading on Beanstack to earn prize drawing entries and reading rewards.

Did you know? You can read or listen to any book you have access to and count it toward your summer reading. So whether the book is online, checked out from the Library, from your bookshelf, or borrowed from a friend, start reading, enjoying, and earning Summer Reading Club rewards!

Troubleshooting and assistance

If you have questions about signing up for Summer Reading Club, we’re here to help!

If at any time you need help with Beanstack, please visit the Beanstack Help Desk and type in your question. If you cannot find your answer there, our Youth and Adult Programming staff would be happy to assist you!

Need help with Youth Summer Reading Club?

•  Email us:
•  Call us: 630-879-1393 ext. 500.

Need help with Teen/Adult Summer Reading Club?
•  Email us:
•  Call us: 630-879-1393 ext. 200.

Ages: For babies 0 months through students entering 8th grade 

Summer Reading Club has gone online! But it is still the program you know and love. 

•  Counting Days – This year, count each day you read to earn fantastic rewards! 

• Earning rewards – To earn your Level 1 reward, read for 15 days. Prize pick-up begins on June 10. Earn a second reward and a free book for reading 30 days this summer. Level 2 prize pick-up begins June 25.

•  Completing Activities – Choose 3 Extra Adventure activities to complete, and you will earn an extra reward. 

•  Enter Drawings – Every week that you read at least one day, you are entered into a weekly drawing. 

•  Final Prize Drawing – If you read for at least 30 days during the summer, you will receive a virtual ticket in Beanstack to enter into a drawing for a special prize basket.

Reading Beyond – For every 15 days you read past the required 30 days (45 days and 60 days), you will receive an extra ticket for another chance to win one of the Final Prize Drawing baskets.

Get started with Beanstack

  • You can read or listen to any book you have access to and count it toward your summer reading. Whether the book is online, checked out from the Library, from your bookshelf, or borrowed from a friend, you can count it towards your goal.
  • Any book counts as reading: eBooks, books, audiobooks, and graphic novels.
  • Read four books, record them using a paper log, and turn in the log at the Library.
  • Read four books, and record them using the Beanstack app. (Please choose the Adult-High School challenge.)
  • For each four books read and logged via Beanstack (or submitted via paper log) you earn a small prize (plus an entry into a drawing for Batavia Chamber Bucks gift certificates if you are a Batavia Public Library cardholder). All prizes will be available for pickup after the conclusion of Summer Reading Club. We will accept up to ten logs per person this summer.

First, log in through the Beanstack app. Then click the button: “Log Reading and Activities” in the upper left to find your challenges.


You can count your days of reading to earn rewards.​ Plus, you can complete three Extra Adventure Activities to earn an extra reward. Explore beyond the beaten path with activities such as cooking, gardening, adventuring outdoors, and engaging in Library programs.


You can “Log Books” and earn a reward for every four books that you read.

Find the free app in your Apple App or Google Play store under the name “Beanstack Tracker” and select “Get” or “Install.”

Once downloaded, open the app, and follow the simple step-by-step prompts to create an account for yourself, your child, or your family. If you have already created your account through the website, you can skip this step and sign in to your existing account with your registered username and password.

Registering on the app vs. the website

Since the app does not use our direct website link, follow these steps to create your account:

  • choose that you will participateAt my library, school, or bookstore
  • Find a Site by selecting “Find Your School or Library” 
  • and enter “Batavia Library” in the search option

Otherwise, the process is the same as registering on the website. All fields are required.

The Library’s Beanstack subscription is sponsored in part by the Friends of the Batavia Library. 

Beanstack is easy to use and available both online and as a mobile app.

Get started by visiting the Batavia Public Library Beanstack website at and create your account. You can also register through the app (find out how  to register below under “Get the App”).

NOTE: To register for Beanstack, you must have:

  • either a valid Batavia Library card or a child that attends a Batavia school.
  • an email address. If you need help getting an email address or other questions, please contact the library at 630.879.1393 ext. 270 (Adult Services) or 640 (Youth Services), and we will assist you.

Once registered, you may access your account online or in the app by signing in with your username and password.

Multiple readers can be added to the same account, even if they are registered for different programs.

  1. Go to the Library’s Beanstack URL:

  1. Beanstack makes it easy to track reading for the whole family! First, decide who will be the “Account Creator” – meaning that the person’s sign-in information will be used to access all accounts registered. The account creator will make a reader profile for themselves, and then they can also create a reader profile for any other members of their family. Both the “Account Creator” and “Reader” will use the same sign-in information.
  2. Account Creator: Select the red Register button. Your first name, last name, year of birth (necessary due to age restrictions for programs), and a password are required for registration.
  3. Once the Account Creator selects the “Next” button, Beanstack will ask if you would like to register another adult (select ‘yes’ or ‘no’) and then whether you would like to register another child (select ‘yes’ or ‘no’).
  4. green band at the bottom of the screen will alert you that you are successfully registered.

Now you’re ready to start exploring Beanstack!

Traditional Logs & Tracking Sheets

If you cannot participate in Beanstack’s ONLINE Summer Reading Club, please pick up at the library or print a log/tracking sheet, fill it out, and bring it to the Library. Directions are on the tracking sheet/log.
(log/tracking sheets will be available on May 27)

Youth tracking sheet               
Adult/High School Reading Log

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