Batavia Public Library

January 14 - February 28, 2023

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Enjoy the fun of reading and unlock achievements!

We’re using the Beanstack App for Winter Library Club. It’s easy! It’s fun!

Get the free App! Find “Beanstack Tracker” in your Apple App or Google Play store and select “Get” or “Install.” 

Fall in love with the Batavia Public Library this winter! The Winter Library Club 2023 combines reading and fun family activities. Earn points for completing activities, record your accomplishments on Beanstack, then visit the Youth Services Desk.  

Register today on Beanstack. Paper copies of the Winter Library Club activity sheet will also be available at the Youth Services Desk.  

Warm up with a good book when you join this year’s Winter Library Club. Read or listen to three books and record them on this log beginning January 14. When you finish one log, start another! Then return your completed reading log(s) to the Reference desk. Come to the Library from Mar. 2-16 to pick out a book prize for each log you handed in. Batavia Public Library cardholders will also be entered into a drawing for Batavia Chamber Bucks gift certificates.
Mon., Feb. 28, is the last day to return reading logs (and be eligible for the drawing.) A maximum of 10 reading logs can be submitted.

•  Email us:

•  Call us: 630-879-1393 ext. 500.
Call us during open hours, or leave us a voicemail message and we’ll call you back

  • Email us:
  • Text (630) 626-8398 / (630) 626-TEXT.
  • Call us at 630-879-1393 ext. 200 during open hours, or leave a voicemail message and we’ll call you back.
  • Click on the Yellow ‘Chat Now’ icon in the lower right corner of this page!

Troubleshooting and assistance

If you have questions about signing up for Winter Library Club, we can  help.
Call us at 630-879-1393 ext. 200 for Adult and Teen questions,
and ext. 500 for Youth Services Questions.

How to sign up

Beanstack is easy to use. Register for the Winter Library Club either through our website or by using the Beanstack mobile app. Once registered, you can choose to access your account online or in the app by signing in with your username and password.

To register for Beanstack, you must have:

  • Either a valid Batavia Library card or a child that attends a Batavia school.
  • An email address. 

If you need help, please contact the Library at 630.879.1393 ext. 200 (Adult Services) or ext. 500 (Youth Services).

1) Register online

To create your account, visit our website at

2) or Get the Mobile App

Find the free app in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store under the name “Beanstack Tracker” and select “Get” or “Install.”

  • Download and open the app. Follow the simple step-by-step prompts.
  • When asked to “Find Your School or Library” and enter “Batavia Libraries” in the search option.